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You could be owed a £2,500 tax refund for your travel expenses. Bases outside the UK are included, and you might also be able to claim for Mess Dress.

This is a complex claim and we’ve heard reports of some claims being rejected when submitted by inexperienced advisors. For that reason we would like to refer you to our expert partners who have obtained confirmation on the validity of claims both from HMRC and the MOD so you can have peace of mind that your refund is yours to keep when you receive it.

If you complete the form below our partners will be in touch shortly about your free without obligation assessment.

Have you completed Phase 1 Training?

Have you been posted to a base for 2 years or less? (Excluding tours)

Did you use your own vehicle or public transport to get to those bases?

Based on the information you provided above, you won't be able to make a claim at this time.

Based on a sample of past refunds we have obtained matching the details you have provided:

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Minutes to claim

Each tax year will be recalculated if you enter a claim. This often identifies other overpayments due to incorrect tax codes, multiple employments, ceasing of job, etc. In these cases we can identify a much larger tax rebate. We regularly identify rebates of over £1,000 for customers who were originally estimated a lower amount.

If you claim now you will receive tax relief for the current tax year and future years that allowances continue to apply, paid through your monthly pay. The value of this is usually £{{ App.CustomerClaim.AnnualRefund }} per year.

You don’t need to make any upfront payment to us in order for us to check if you are due a rebate.

We will ensure that your current year reliefs are correct and that your future year allowances are adjusted in line with the current year to ensure you are no longer being overtaxed. There will be no charge for this service.

The annual saving of £{{ App.CustomerClaim.AnnualRefund }} per year for the current and future years will not be subject to charge. You will receive this automatically in your pay once your tax code has been adjusted.

We will also check the earlier years to determine if you can claim back any previously overpaid tax. HMRC will pay any rebate due directly to us and we will forward payment to you, in due course, net of our deductions of 28%, plus VAT, where due, providing the net refund payment is £20 or more.

We will issue your refund through our Uniform Benefits payment card which you can withdraw cash on at a cashpoint or spend in shops or online like a normal debit card. If you use your card at selected retailers you can also earn additional cashback to continue to spend.

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Select the tax years when you were employed in the specified sector
Do you or your accountant already prepare a self-assessment tax return?

Are you currently married or in a civil partnership?

As you are not UK resident we will need to refer your claim to our specialist partners who will be able to assess & process your claim. When you click 'Next >' below, we will forward your details and a specialist advisor will be in touch shortly.

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Self Assessment Taxpayers

You could have overpaid tax by £{{ App.CustomerClaim.EstimatedClaim }} if the tax relief you listed was not claimed on your earlier returns.

As you are already within self assessment we would like to send you details of a highly competitive self assessment service from one of our expert partners. They can correct omissions in your earlier tax returns and ensure your annual returns are submitted on time every year, saving you a lot of stress and making sure you only pay the tax you need to.

Going forward the correct allowances applied to each annual return could save you £{{ App.CustomerClaim.AnnualRefund }} per year.

If you complete the form below our partners will be in touch shortly about your free without obligation assessment.

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Please make a note of this reference or print this page as you will need your claim number if you return later to download your claim documents.

You will have been sent an email to confirm your documents have been generated, but for security reasons we do not send your documents by email.

Your claim documents will be automatically sent to you by post. You should receive them within 2 weeks.

In order to progress your claim you MUST complete the ALL the documents we send you and post them as described on the checklist you will receive. Failure to return the documents relating to your claim will result in your claim not being processed.

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Teacher Tax Rebate - ASCL Tax Rebate



People who work in the education sector make a massive contribution to our society today by providing education and life skills for our leaders and decision makers of tomorrow.

Because of this, it's only right that they should be given recognition for the tireless job they do and a voice when it comes to problems and issues in the workplace, such as health and safety, discrimination, pay and conditions.

This is where the teaching unions play a vital role in protecting our educators.

The Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL) is the only professional association and trade union in Britain to speak exclusively for secondary school and college leaders.

It provides members with advice, legal support, services and representation, engages with governments, employers and other bodies to promote and safeguard members’ interests, supports members’ professional development in becoming more effective leaders and aims to ensure students are given the highest quality of educational experience.

ASCL represents more than 18,000 members, including secondary heads, deputy heads, assistant heads, bursars and business managers, college principals, vice-principals and others with whole school/college responsibility.

It is also a major provider of training courses and consultancy for its members and for schools.

The Association of School and College Leaders has a long and established history going back to the Association of Headmistresses (AHM), which was founded in 1874.

Soon after, the Headmasters’ Association (HMA) was established in 1890 to serve grammar school headmasters.

The Secondary Heads Association (SHA) was then formed in 1977 by the amalgamation of the two organisations and in 1983 members voted to admit deputy heads as full members, thus becoming the first association to recognise the specific role of the senior leadership team.

With the growing recognition of and need for shared leadership responsibility, SHA opened membership to assistant heads in 1999 and to bursars and other senior support staff on the leadership team in 2005.

In January 2006, members voted to change the name to the Association of School and College Leaders.

ASCL is the only association to speak exclusively for the leaders of Britain's secondary schools and colleges. Its steadily expanding membership, now over 17,000, reflects the way in which its distinguished heritage has been adapted to meet the needs of today.

If you pay certain expenses in order to do your job you can claim tax relief on those expenses. One example is tax relief on certain union and professional fees you pay every year – for instance, your membership of ASCL.

You may also be able to claim tax relief on any clothing and equipment you purchase for use in your job role. Teacher Tax Rebate has an easy-to-use process to help you claim any tax relief you are entitled to.

Thousands of teachers miss out on hundreds of pounds every year because they don't claim the tax rebates they are entitled to within HMRC's deadline. Don't become one of them, claim your money back today.

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